Dustless blasting

Dustless blasting, also known as dust free or vacuum blasting

Our vacuum blasting machines are the solution for blast cleaning when no dust or waste can be tolerated. Vacuum blasting is a dust free process where all the abrasive, dust & waste is recovered inside and the majority of the abrasive recycled around the machine.

This allows for dustless blasting to be carried out without disturbing other processes or people in areas where open blasting would not be suitable. Vacuum blasting can remove the need for encapsulation or sheeting up of the areas to be blasted & there is no waste to clear up.

It is particularly useful where waste abrasive could cause environmental concerns.The machines are mobile & can easily be moved for use indoors, outdoors or in confined spaces with long hose lengths.

We use the latest technology to ensure cleaning can be carried out in even the most sensitive of environments. So if you have a need for blasting, but don’t need the mess, give us a call & we’ll ensure that the areas you want blasting are the only things that get touched.

RM Specialist Blast Cleaning covers the whole of the UK.

Because we can't control where our next job is coming from, we made a decision a long, long time ago that our services must cover the whole of the UK & more. We are proud of our nationwide coverage & are eager for you to put it to the test.
Our teams regularly work in Leeds, York, Sheffield & the rest of Yorkshire right down to London, the South West & all the way back up to Scotland. Just get in touch & we will dispatch one of our teams to your location wherever you are in the UK.

What is vacuum blasting?

Vacuum blasting machines are the solution for blasting different objects without disturbing the surroundings. It is a dust free process with no flying abrasive. Blasting can now also be done without disturbing other processes. The machines are mobile and can be easily moved for indoor and outdoor use and use in confined spaces.The brush ring of the special blast and suction head is placed on the object. The abrasive is sprayed on the object and then together with the dust immediately extracted. The abrasive is then separated and falls into the silo above the blast pot. This way the abrasive can be used over and over again.The dust separated from the air flow by the special filter. The filter cartridges are cleaned automatically by compressed air. The dust is discharged automatically in a plastic bag and can thus be easily discharged.
Various models are available with different sizes blast machines and electric or compressed air powered vacuum units. Through a wide range of brush rings, many surfaces can be blasted dust free.Dust suppressed blasting is achieved usually with water added either into the blast pot, or at the nozzle to prevent or reduce dry airborne dust. All our Microstrip & Blast-mate systems are available as standard with water inducted nozzles for dust suppression however water vapour, abrasive and removed contaminants will still be present in the air although with much reduced travel.Complete dust free blasting means the elimination of any dust, or airborne contamination and this can only be achieved with a vacuum system where the abrasive and debris is contained within a blast head then removed by an electric or air powered vacuum.