Media blasting

Grit & shot blasting

Grit blasting is often referred to as shot blasting. These systems are very similar in process, but it’s the blast cleaning media that is different. Here at RM Specialist Blasting we use the latest technology to safely & gently strip, clean & restore almost any surface. Using compressed air to deliver the softest media at low pressures, we are able to carefully remove unwanted surface materials such as rust, paint, grease or contamination & restore the original materials to their former glory.

Using a variety of blast cleaning media such as grit, shot, hard garnet blasting or aluminium oxide blast cleaning, our service teams carry out all grit & shot blast cleaning tasks on industrial surfaces, which can involve stripping paint or other unwanted coatings & preparing surfaces to allow for new surface coatings or paint to be applied. We are highly experienced & regularly work nationwide across most industrial engineering & marine sectors on bridge structures & restoration projects.

RM Specialist Blast Cleaning covers the whole of the UK.

Because we can't control where our next job is coming from, we made a decision a long, long time ago that our services must cover the whole of the UK & more. We are proud of our nationwide coverage & are eager for you to put it to the test.
Our teams regularly work in Leeds, York, Sheffield & the rest of Yorkshire right down to London, the South West & all the way back up to Scotland. Just get in touch & we will dispatch one of our teams to your location wherever you are in the UK.