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Life is busy enough without having to do your own blast cleaning. So whatever type of specialist blast cleaning you need, let us help. With knowledge & experience gained from twenty-five years in business, we’ve developed into a company that can provide you with an efficient, competitive & safe service. Not only can we recommend what type of blasting you need, we can have a blasting team with you in next to no time, wherever you are in the UK.

Our dedicated, well-presented teams have knowledge of all our blasting processes. So get in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange for your free survey & quotation. We’re here to help you.

Why and how should lead paint be removed?

Lead-based paint, which was commonly used until the 1960s, can commonly be found in older buildings and beneath existing paintwork. But with lead paint posing a high risk to our health, what is the safest way of dealing with lead-based paint? Ultimately, it goes without saying lead-based paint is hazardous. Being exposed to lead paint […]

What is high-pressure cleaning and where is it commonly used?

Nobody likes mould, grime, dust or dirt building up on buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. Especially, stubborn muck that endless amounts of time and cleaning products won’t budge. But what if there was a way of making everything super squeaky clean and it only requires water, detergent and pressure! High-pressure cleaning is a type of […]

What are the common environments lead paint can be found and, if present, is it harmful?

We all love to redecorate and revamp our houses and workplaces, but one thing we wouldn’t want to stumble across is lead paint within the building. Known as one of the main hazards for paint, lead paint can cause numerous health problems.  But what exactly is lead paint and where can it be found? Lead paint […]