Keeping the outside of your buildings looking free from green algae

The external building surfaces on commercial, retail and industrial properties are subjected to the harsh UK weather. Many new or modern buildings have been built using K Rend all through coloured render to enclose the external surfaces. This protective render is a quick and cost effective material, however it is subject to growth of algae and moss which can cause the exterior of the building to look very unsighlty in just a few years. If left untreated, the algae and moss build up can cause deep rooted staining in forming a red, green or black algae. This algae should be treated to kill off the moss and algae spores and remove the algae stain.

If this is left untreated this discoloration can cause damage to the surface of the building k render, leaving more of an eyesore than the algae growth. Property owners and management companies are advised to employ the services of a specialist k render cleaning company in order to ensure that damage and further staining is not incurred.

Algae removal is probably the most common problem when it comes to render cleaning. As well as ruining the building’s appearance, algae tends to grow within the pores of brickwork, leading to structural weaknesses which can become dangerous if left untreated.

We can not only remove the algae safely from k rend, we clean the stone, cement and brick work and treat the k rend using specialist cleaning products. Our specially developed Algae Free products help to kill off biological organisms such as algae and moss, ensuring that the underlying render is ready to be washed down.

We have a proven track record in K-Rend and render cleaning, treating the outside walls using our specialist, low-pressure high steam systems without causing surface damage.