Sea Containers House is a prominent river front building situated between OXO Tower and Blackfriars Bridge which has been undergoing substantial refurbishment/redevelopment to create new restaurants and cafes along the frontage to the River Walk, a high quality hotel, predominantly within the south wing, to be operated by Morgan Hotels Group, provide extended hospitality facilities in the form of a new bar on the roof, provide refurbished office space through the east and west wings and create a new office building in the south west car park area including ground floor retail space.

Although virtually complete Shaca Construction Ltd, were employed by the owners to create new staircases to a number of the floors, which meant cutting large openings through the existing concrete floors.

It would appear that during the original construction “U” beams had been installed back to back and for aesthetic reasons had steel plates tack welded along the length of the beams. Structural engineers requested that before cutting these holes it would be necessary for these plates to be continuously welded along their length to provide the additional strength needed. Therefore, before Shaca could deploy their large concrete saw it was necessary for them to employ the services of L A Metalworks Ltd, to carry out the necessary coded welding required.

Fortunately for us the beams were not only painted but also had a very thick coat of fire retardant material and primer on them, and in addition to this and because of the near complete hotel below Shaca were not allowed to use any type of liquid stripper, and these would not have achieved the required finish either.

L A Metalworks required a finish of SA 2 – 2.5 to allow them problem free welding and although each area would have a hoarding constructed around them, it was thought beneficial if dust could be kept to a minimum. Through Precision Blast Systems (who provide equipment & abrasives) they discovered that we were one of only two companies in the country that can provide PRECISION VACUUM BLASTING, the other company using their machine as a fixed piece of equipment whereas we are willing to travel throughout the UK, and consequently entered into contract with us.

We are pleased to say that we have just successfully completed some 600 linear metres of blasting for them using our VACUUM BLAST SYSTEM with a brown aluminium-oxide, 24 grade abrasive. With the vacuum system retaining as much as 99% of the dust & debris. Many thanks to all involved with the project, it was sometimes more difficult than just blasting.