Nobody likes mould, grime, dust or dirt building up on buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces. Especially, stubborn muck that endless amounts of time and cleaning products won’t budge. But what if there was a way of making everything super squeaky clean and it only requires water, detergent and pressure!

High-pressure cleaning is a type of cleaning blasting which uses high-pressure water or a powerful mechanical sprayer. Combined with the effectiveness of using water and detergent to break down grime, high-pressure cleaning uses, you’ve guessed right, high pressure to blast the dirt away that countless cleaning products won’t remove.

This method of cleaning is commonly used to remove loose paint, dust, mould, dirt and mud from surfaces such as buildings, concrete surfaces and vehicles, resulting in the effective removal of stubborn dirt and grime.

But how does high-pressure cleaning actually work?

High-pressure washers are commonly connected to a water supply; the water passes at expelled pressure causing unwanted dirt to be removed. The process of cleaning commonly begins when the detergent first flows through a hose to a container. The water then flows through a filtered hose. Once powered, the water pump mixes water and detergent while being heated to a temperature of between 50-70 degrees. This then results in the water coming out at a high speed, cleaning the surfaces efficiently.

The pressure jets use the combination of hot and cold water which helps removes even the toughest of dirt. But although detergent is used during the high-pressure cleaning process the main cleaning agent used is actually water!

Using mainly water in the high-pressure cleaning process means it doesn’t harm the surfaces being cleaned and also surprisingly saves a lot of water too! This makes this cleaning method extremely efficient and effective for getting pristine results.

This technique of cleaning can be used for a range of different surfaces and objects but is most commonly known to be used for the cleaning of pools, driveways, outdoor maintenance, outdoor furniture, fencing, decking, and patios.

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