Back in the August of 2018 we were asked by Willmott Dixon if we might be interested in quoting for some works that were part of a project they were working on in Stockton on Tees on behalf of the local council, namely “The Globe Theatre” on The High Street.

During our site survey that followed it became apparent the works were for the removal lead-based paint from the front & side elevations of the building.

Their initial enquiry was based on trials they had done by others, this involved applying a chemical leaving it for a dwell period & then removed by means of our DOFF system (low pressure extra high temperature steam), fitted with an extraction head. We gave this some consideration & felt that it would be strewn with problems, the main one being disposal of the extracted water & sludge which would then contain not only the lead-based paint but also the chemical used.

We offered to carry out a trial using one of our vacuum blast systems, our offer was accepted & we carried out the trial accordingly, a short time later we were asked to return & carry out a second trial on a different finish. We provided our costs for doing the works & after some negotiation we were awarded the contract.

On commencement of the works we arranged for an independent company, “Sysco Environmental”, to attend site & take several air samples both from around the works site & also from & around the High Street, their findings allowed us to proceed with our works in the knowledge that there would be no adverse consequences to the general public on the High Street, nor others on the work site. However, our operatives would continue to wear personnel air monitors to ensure they would be working in a safe environment.

Vacuum blasting is by no means as quick as open blasting but it is a controlled method that, as can be seen in the photos, provides excellent results, & we understand that Willmott Dixons client, the local council are now considering not to paint the front elevation as originally planned, but leave it as it is saving them the need for maintenance in the future.

An extremely pleasing project for us.


The Globe Before


IMG_3634 - 1 IMG_3633


The Globe After


Globe 4 Globe 2 Globe 1

Globe 3