The Elite Building in Parliament Street, Nottingham is clad with white terracotta glazed tiles, albeit that the glazing to the lower plinth area has all but disappeared through years of wear & tear, and as a listed building it needed to be treated with care.

Having been contracted by Everlast Waterproofing to carry out the cleaning of this fine building to all three elevations and up to first floor cill level, it was decided that the best approach would be to clean the lower very soiled plinth area using one of our blast systems with baking soda & a small amount of water, whereas above this, and so as not to damage any of the glazing we would use our high temperature low pressure (DOFF) system, both of these methods gaining the approval of the Nottingham City Council listed building department.

Traffic/pedestrian management was put in place and access was achieved using a combination of mobile one person scaffold & a “spider” mobile elevating working platform. The works took two of our operatives six nights to complete. Once the years of dirt, traffic film, rubber from shoe soles/tyres etc were removed, a marked difference could be seen, although noticeably the once white glazed tiles had faded over the years to a warm cream colour.