A production process at Rolls Royce’s new factory in Rotherham, sees them using wax to form moulds for various parts. The items are placed within either of two boiler claves, the heat is such that the wax melts and leaves a mould for the production of the particular part.

Although it is intended that the molten wax drains away through a pipe in the floor of the clave, much of it remains. Mitie Group, who undertake the facility maintenance for Rolls Royce, asked us to carry out cleaning of the inside to one of the claves by blasting baking soda.

The clave was turned off the day before we arrived to allow it to cool. On arrival we set up an enclosure at the door of the clave and positioned our dust extraction & filtration system accordingly. Blasting commenced and proved successful, however in places the wax was so thick and hard it first had to be loosened with hammer & chisel.

We have suggested to the Mitie site manager that it may be more beneficial to have each clave cleaned on a regular basis so as to not allow them getting as bad in future.