Give your old wood beams or timber a beautiful fresh look with a professional timber blast cleaning and renovation

Timber blast cleaning and renovation can give your wooden beam a much needed refresh. Using modern equipment and techniques we can reinvigorate tired beams and timber and give you a new modern fresh look. We can use a varied number of processes including vacuum blasting, so your environment will be unaffected during the process, as well as other types of specialised blasting. We are constantly upgrading our machines to make sure we have the right and best equipment available.
Our cleaning processes are very precise and can be targeted to clean and restore only the desired area. Common applications of these blasting techniques include removing the black paint from old beams in historic buildings, restoration of timber after fire damage and the restoration of masonry, stone and brickwork in heritage buildings but if you are not sure please get in touch and we will advise you of the best technique to use.